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Entrepreneurially Thinking

Nov 20, 2019

ETHINKSTL 149: Britany Sarhage | Rudy’s Flower Truck

Joining us today is Brittany Sarhage​, Founder of Rudy's Flower Truck. Brittany felt the need to make flowers more accessible to the community by creating a unique flower buying experience. After more than a decade of dreaming, Rudy's Flower Truck can be found all over town. 

In this episode:​

Brittany talks about how "click bait" sparked an idea within her to start a mobile business that would bring floral's to the community. Brittany jumped into action by first purchasing a Vintage 1958 FC170 Jeep Truck.

Brittany talks about the need and the excitement of building a unique shopping "experience" by teaming up with other small business owners such as one of a kind clothing boutiques and coffee shops. 

Brittany discusses some of the challenges she faced in starting a mobile flower truck such as maintenance of the vintage 'mobile' part of the business, geographics and placement plans of the truck and of course financials. 

Brittany talks about getting creative with her business and the techniques she uses to

"stand-out" in the world of flower design, mobile delivery, and special occasion floral design. 

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